Badge sorting on user popup or add. small badges on this popup

(Guido Drehsen) #1


is there a way to get the badges shown on the user popup sorted in a special way?

I noticed that the first shown badge in the popup is always the user trust level badge.
In our installation we do have a badge for a special group of users.
As the admin I would like to have for the members of this group the badge always shown as the second badge in the user popup when someone klicks on the user name in a thread.
Currently it is for some users visible as the second or third badge in the popup but quite often it is only visible by clicking on the More button.
First we had for this group a word in the user title but that is always visible next to the name in the thread and that created quite a discussion about different ranking of users …
The badge would be a good solution when it is possible to display it always in the user popup so that these users can be identified with just one click by other users especially by the admin/mod team.
Inside a thread it would no longer directly be visible that users do belong to different groups so all users would look identical in the thread. But we would still have the possibility to identify a users group very fast if needed.

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(Guido Drehsen) #2

or can someone shortly tell me how I can configure the small badges like the team badge right next to the profile pic or the tester bug in the right lower corner of the user popup.
That would also perfectly fit our needs. :wink:


(cpradio) #3

Users can set that on their profile page, under Profile > User Card Badge.

(Guido Drehsen) #4

thanks found it :slight_smile: