Badges (after system update) and setting titles for premium members from badges/roles

What happens if in an update Discourse decides to add a new badge, do we get it on update or do we have to manually add it? Other than the odd badge, I don’t want to maintain all these badges myself. Same question for settings other than the overridden ones - will they update to the new defaults in an update?

For badges: I have just applied the setting ‘allow to be used as title’ on the basic badge, if I go into my account and apply the title it appears fine, but then if I go into the badge setting in the admin area and revoke the ‘used as title’ setting the user still has the title, and also if they want to remove it they can’t because the selection has gone in the their preferences so they can’t get back to the ‘none’ setting.

I want premium members to get a title next to their name automatically as soon as they are added to either a premium badge/role and revoked if they are removed from it. Is this possible in anyway without modifications of the system?

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Anyone help with this?

Hey @david234

There seem to be three questions here:

  1. Do new badges get awarded automatically? Yes, I believe so. If a new badge is shipped with an update I presume it would be awarded to qualifying members whenever the process is next run. If this happens to include the option to be used as a badge it would then be available for users to apply. Is this what you were asking?

  2. Removing an existing badge from the list that can be used as titles does, as you say, leave the user with the title. I can see the logic in this.

  • Firstly, I can’t think these will be added / removed often, so I presume it will not affect many users.
  • Since users were able to use this and made the choice, it might be felt unfair for you to unilaterally remove it, so you might want to speak to them
  • If that user has ANY other badge available as a title, they will continue to see the selection box on their profile and they can select from the available options.

There is a small bug here that if they had selected a title that is no longer available, the box will say Title: (none) when in fact they do have one. Clicking Save with none selected doesn’t remove the existing title, they need to select another title, then select (none) again to remove the title.

This workaround is not possible if there is no title available for that user, so it would make sense to have a title, maybe a site-specific custom badge, available for all users as an option. However, in practice this will only affect a small number of users.

3: Adding Automatic Titles - yes, you can award a title but rather than using badges, you should consider creating a Group. When you create a custom ‘Premium’ group you can select what title to award members automatically. When added, this will be displayed against their name, and it will be removed once you remove them from the group.

Do these help?


Hi, thanks for taking the time to give me a detailed reply on these:

  1. Brilliant that is great - it means I can leave managing those badges to Discourse and just add any custom ones in future that I deem needed (I don’t need/have any right now)

  2. Okay, I guess this was because I was testing on a badge where it was only that badge available as a title, so if removed there is no option - understand this is edge case.

  3. Okay yes groups looks like the way to go for my scenario. Is this the “Default title” setting when creating a group - what if the user already has a title set, I assume that will remain the title, or do they get both? Also is there a way to get a title for admins/staff? When i edit those groups I don’t see a default title setting like I do when creating a new group.