Ban hammer forever?


I’m a moderator of one of Discourse forum.

So I was banning some naughty users today and I have been suprised that ban hammer is forever. Last time (before February) I could give a ban for a short period of time, but now it doesn’t work that way. There isn’t even any information of a ban on user site/account for others to see. Was this function trimmed somwhere inbetween Feb-March? Or it was moved to suspension option?

(Sam Saffron) #3

Wait, perhaps you are getting confused between suspended and blocked?

If you suspend you can give any period of time, blocking and suspending are very different actions.


Thanks for your answer. I was pretty sure that block was an option for some short period of time, my mistake :sweat:
I didn’t have to use this kind of treatment in some time - users are civilised and nice to each other.

Anyway, block was helpful when some “flamewar posting” started (or maybe I’m still using it wrong, am I?).

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

Blocks were last changed in December 2015/January 2016. You can read this topic if you want the nitty-gritty details.

Blocking and Suspending are two methods for dealing with users who you need to push “pause” on. They’re fairly similar, but have a few differences:

  • Both:
  • Can be triggered by Staff from Admin page
  • Block:
  • No “unblock” time given - must manually unblock the user
  • Prevents user from creating new topics, posts, PMs, or replying to PMs
  • User can still message (and respond to) staff PMs
  • User can still like, bookmark, read, and do other logged-in actions
  • Suspend:
  • Must give “unsuspend” time - can set it really far away to make it “forever”
  • Suspension visible to users - reason for suspension can be seen on user profile
  • User cannot log-in - thus no posting, liking, bookmarking, or interaction of any kind.

Does that explain the difference? I’m happy to share how we (Stonehearth Discourse) use the features, but that’s the technical details.


That explains me everything, thanks :slight_smile: