inline player

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #1

I would like to get inline player for bandcamp (as i do for mixcloud and soundcloud).


(cpradio) #2

This works alrady.

Go to Admin > Settings, search for ‘onebox domains whitelist’ add and save it.

Then do a hard refresh of your page (CTRL + F5)

If you already posted the link in a post, go to it, and click the …, then the wrench, and choose Rebuild HTML. Otherwise, post the link and it should onebox.

(James North) #3

Just wanted to bring this one up again as it’s another embed that used to work perfectly under the previous whitelist regime, but now only shows the box with a link under the new ‘onebox everything’ system.

A forum I run posts these links quite a bit and they have been working great until this point.

(Régis Hanol) #4

Will fix.

Embedding is cool until the site decides to deprecate it for no reason and no warning… (talking to you soundcloud :angry:)

(James North) #5

Thanks heaps @zogstrip - you’ve saved me on a number of occasions with regards to this stuff.

Keeping up with what various sites do has to be pretty difficult.

I know that soundcloud are a serial offender. I used to embed soundcloud players on Facebook pages for years until one day they decided that they wouldn’t allow embedding to Facebook. Their explanation was horrendous (I can’t remember exactly what it was).

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #6 and doesn’t play still :sob:

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #7

no playing! agggrhhh! please bring old onebox back :sob:

(James North) #8

Admittedly I do find that many sites don’t embed that used to embed under the whitelist system. :confused:

(Régis Hanol) #9

Do you have a list I can use to ensure they work?

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #10

Following don’t play in my v1.7.0.beta10 +130

My forum is heavily media based it makes us suffer :scream:

(James North) #11

I think Vimeo works still?

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #12


Brown Rice w/ JM Moser - 8th December 2016 by NTS Radio | Mixcloud

Return | Two Bright Lakes

No embed, OK!

(Régis Hanol) #13

Added support for, and onebox :muscle:

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #14


(Vincent) #15

Hi! Thanks for adding bandcamp support, I’ve been missing it a lot :slight_smile:

However, it can’t seem to work on the board I’m running.
I did upgrade to latest version (ea1f4a0) an hour ago.

Any ideas?

(EDIT : it actually works with new links, whereas bandcamp links posted before upgrade seem sort of “cached”. Leads?)

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #16

Add ?v=2 to the end of a cached url.

(Vincent) #17

That didn’t help :frowning:

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #18

Mixcloud works fine here but not in my installation v1.8.0.beta1 +1.
Should I wait for next release?

(James North) #19

Actually for me as well on 1.8 beta 1 - Bandcamp doesn’t work at the moment.

I’m not sure they’ve changed anything because their embedded player has been the same for several years now.

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #20

Bandcamp works fine for me on v1.8.0.beta1
but still NO mixcloud :cry: