Banner coming on all screens

I have added a banner as a component of a theme. How do I configure it to stay just on the latest page or in category page? Also, How to make it full-width view? Right now it is having borders on both side.

Use css tags. For example, for categories.

#banner {
   display: none;

.navigation-categories #banner {
      display: block;

See how css changes occur depending on the section.

The /latest tag is already different.

class="docked navigation-topics"

I just wanted to know where can I edit the HTML part of customized theme?
Also there is a class named “wrap” which i need to remove also add in some of the sections
It would be great if I get an answer for it


You can add css elements in the admin panel of your site:

On the ready-made css div you can override the properties.