Banner in the top of the lists with sign up form

(Jay Abie) #1

Hello Friends,

Am trying to make our website more attractive, and i want to know how i can make something like this on the top of the lists ?

(Jay Abie) #3

Any help on this please ?

(Brendan Schlagel) #4

Search meta for stuff like “custom header” — there are lots and lots of topics about this sort of thing. You’ll want to start by playing around with customizations in admin > customize > themes > edit HTML/CSS.

See for example:

(Jay Abie) #5

Not working with me :disappointed_relieved:

(Brendan Schlagel) #6

Not at all clear what you mean. There are dozens of posts right here on this very forum about header customizations and similar. Many with step by step walkthroughs. Have you thoroughly read through them and tried adding your own?

There are people on here happy to help if you run into issues but you’ve gotta do your homework first and post some useful detail on what exactly you want to do, what you’ve tried so far, and what’s not working for you. Otherwise you’ll find it hard to get any helpful feedback.

(Jay Abie) #7


I successfully added a banner on the top of the lists using the CSS code mentioned in topic below:

now the thing i want to do is, how i can put the signup form on the image banner i made as the picture in i attached above ?

Thanks in advance.

(Brendan Schlagel) #8

Still not entirely following, but if you have a signup form created, you should be able to add to add the HTML / CSS for it as a theme customization. If you don’t have a signup form created you’ll have to make one…or you could hire someone to do this (see #marketplace)

That post you linked is a way to add a background customization for a “banner” which is more like a special type of pinned topic. Its content is pulled from a Discourse post so many be limited sa far as displaying custom HTML like you’d have for a form.

Sounds like for adding a whole form you’d probably want to add that HTML to the “header” or “after header” section in the customization. Again, do some more research on this, as I said there’s lots of existing material on how to do this kind of thing.