Banner shifts to the left

Hey all,

I noticed last night that my Discourse instance’s banner shifts when I scroll down a page and then scroll back up. Specifically, the left side logo and the right side icons all shift to the left by about half an inch. It doesn’t throw the banner off but the shift is perceptible and might become an annoyance. The shift also takes place on the login screen.
I’ve updated my Discourse instance to the latest version and haven’t noticed the shift before hand. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks

Excuse me. I have a desire to help, but there is no desire to register and write for this letter, with my bad English. If your site would be open, I think many could look at this and solve the problem in css.

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Even a temporary account locked at Trust Level 0 to allow logging in could help. For example “Login as BannerTest password abc123$#”

Then after the fix, suspend or delete that account.

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Sorry, as I said, the shift could be seen even on the login screen so you wouldn’t need an account to see the shift. It seems to not be shifting anymore for some reason. Thanks though