Banner under the header

(Jay Abie) #1

Hello Friends,

How i can remove the banner showing under the header, i dont remember how i set it, i dont see the setting to disable it.


(Daniela) #2

What banner you are referring to?
Discourse offers the ability to configure more than one, it depends on what you have chosen.

If it is a global announce you can disable it from the topic itself (by the admin key on the right or below the topic).
If it is a global notice you’ll find the site setting searching for global notice in your admin panel

(Jay Abie) #3

Sorry i forgot to attach the picture, please see it below:
the banner is showing everywhere

(Jay Abie) #4

i don`t see anything that says Global notice, can you please help further.

(Daniela) #5

This is not the global notice but a banner topic.

  1. go to the topic that you configured as a banner
  2. click the admin wrech to open the admin actions and click Un-Pin Topic
  1. choose Remove Banner Topic


(Jay Abie) #6

there is no topics in my forum my friend this what drove me crazy, why this message is appearing and from where.
i will PM you the website to have a look on it.

(Robert McIntosh) #7

If you are the admin of the site, then when you see an “edit this post” on the banner. Do you not see that?

If there are no posts at all, is it a system message? What does it say (I can’t translate from the image)

(Jay Abie) #8

The message is a description of category i created before but the category and the posts related to it are no longer exist.
the message says (this category is dedicated for android)

(Robert McIntosh) #9

Ah! That is interesting - and a potential bug.

If the original post was made a banner whilst the category existed, then the category was removed, then you would be unable to edit it, but the database could maintain it as a banner topic

I believe that because of the nature of the database for Discourse, that posts are not actually deleted so it could be maintained in some way. Is there any way you might be able to un-delete the category to find that post, and see if you can then “unpin” it?

(Jay Abie) #10

unfortunately i cant i’m running a test website on to learn how to customize discourse because i will launch a community soon and i want to be prepared for it.
the website PM`ed to you to have a look on it.

(Daniela) #11

Then ignore this bug (you have an unsupported version), and go on with your tests.
Create a new category and a new topic (not the description category topic!!) and make it as a banner

A suggestion, in your production site avoid eliminating the staff category.

(Jay Abie) #12

you are right because i’m not on the last version i think this is why.

@Trash please allow me to say thanks a lot for your help in this matter, i wish you a very good day.