Bar chart is hard to understand given it's monochromatic look

The “Trust level growth” report in the default admin dashboard set of reports is displaying with 2/4 of the colors being used more than once.

It is impossible to distinguish from a screenshot (only when in-app hovering over the chart) which bar(s) are TL1 v. TL3 growth, and so on. This makes it hard to present static data outside of the platform itself.


Those colors are derived from the tertiary and quaternary colors in your theme’s palette:

From the screenshot it appears that your theme colors create very similar colors when modified for the chart.

The colors in the legend are rendered in the canvas that produces the entire chart, so unfortunately at this time there isn’t a way to use a theme component to override the CSS for them.

I can see how presenting that information is difficult, here are a couple of alternatives that might help now:

  • temporarily switching to a different theme when viewing the report
  • exporting the data and using a spreadsheet app to render it

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: