"Basic" badge description not updating (others do)

(M Musa) #1

I’ve updated badge descriptions for: Basic, Member, Regular and Leader. The description changes were made under Customize->Text Content for each badge. All description changes were reflected on the Badges page except for the Basic badge. The description remains as the default Discourse description and not what I changed it to for badges.basic_user.description. The same thing applies to the long badges.basic_user.long_description. Again, this is only happening to the Basic badge and not the others. This appears to be a bug, not intended behavior.

V: 1.8.0.beta5

Can someone confirm?


(Nam Nguyen) #2

its work on Discourse 1.8.0.beta4, I’m not test it yet on 1.8.0.beta5 :slight_smile:

(Lutz Biermann) #3

I can confirm this on v1.8.0.beta5 +12 . Had an issues with some translations and ended up editing the text in the table badges.