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I’ve run across a lot of Discourse instances lately where people are posting links they want to share. And I tend to fall into that category as well. But I wanted a way to make the process more uniform and keep things consistent in format no matter who posts the link.

I debated using the Discourse Links Category plugin but for my purposes, it’s too much and removes my ability to add my context about why I’m sharing the link.

That led me to this plugin: Basic Links. It’s very… basic. It gives you the ability to add a URL to a topic (within an enabled category) and then displays that link as part of the topic list as well as under the title of a topic.

Github: GitHub - joebuhlig/discourse-basic-links

See it in action:

There is a setting that lets you open the links in a new tab/window for the user. Other than that and adding the link, everything is normal.

PS. Big thanks to @angus and his Topic Ratings plugin. Most of the processes I’ve used here were borrowed from him.

(Anton) #2

May you please elaborate a bit more - I’m confused about how to use it and what is its purpose.

(Joe Buhlig) #3

Sure thing.

Using it is simple. Make a links category by enabling it in category settings. That allows a topic (the first post) to add a URL as part of the topic creation/editing process. It’s that link that is added to the topic list and under the topic category.

It’s purpose is basic as well. In my case, I treat my discussion site as a form of a social media/community mashup. So we sometimes share links we find interesting with each other. I don’t want users to aimlessly post a link without context about why it was posted. So by leaving the body of the post as part of topic, it forces us to explain it a bit.

Having the external link as part of the topic list and in the same place on the topic itself makes it possible to find the link easily instead of looking at different places within the post body.

(Penar Musaraj) #4

This seems promising. I am currently using the Discourse Links Category plugin, and have run into some issues with it, so will try Basic Links instead.

But I noticed that on the demo site, the links don’t show below (or beside) titles on the topic list. Is this because I am not logged in to the site?

Also, I am wondering whether if/when I switch from Discourse Links Category, the data will port over, or be recognized? I mean, the links that have already beed added to the DLC field…

(Joe Buhlig) #5

That was a bug! Good catch. Resolved here:

I updated on my site so you should be able to see them now.

No. They’re using separate data storage mechanisms. They’ll all be gone.

(Penar Musaraj) #6


I was about to switch to the plugin, until I saw that Discourse Links Category is heading to core…

It’s certainly worth combining these efforts.

(Joe Buhlig) #7

I saw that about two days after I finished this. I imagine it will quickly become obsolete. Though I will still maintain this for my own use until I see how it works in core as opposed to the current plugin.

(Joe Buhlig) #8

As expected, this plugin will no longer be updated. The functionality I built into this now exists in core.

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