Basic smiley (😄) should not have closed eyes

(Daniel Reeves) #1

This will sound so nitpicky but I’m thrown every time I see a standard smiley. :slight_smile: The emoticon seems to be conveying the wrong emotion! Like it’s laughing so hard its eyes are closed. The tone sometimes feels so wrong to me that I’ll resort to prepending a   just to make a normal smiley. :)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You would have to file that as a bug against the Emoji One project…

I guess we could change the lookup for :slight_smile: alternately. Which of those Emoji One faces do you find aesthetically satisfying for your smiling needs?

(Daniel Reeves) #3

Well, :grinning: (grinning) is the closest I’m seeing there to a simple smile. Still feels a little too laugh-like for my taste. I’m super curious if I’m being a stick in the mud about this or if others feel the same. I do use smileys extensively! :slight_smile: dammit, i mean :grinning:

PS: Here’s my take on the various candidates from Emoji One:

:smile: “smile” — too laugh-like, esp with closed eyes (currently what “:)” maps to)
:smiley: “smiley” — too surprised
:grinning: “grinning” — still too laugh-like with open mouth; looks like “ha!”
:blush: “blush” — nice, simple smile; except it’s called “blush”, and looks a bit too blissful
:stuck_out_tongue: “stuck_out_tongue” — tongue makes it a non-starter but at least it’s not laughing
:grin: “grin” — too, y’know, shit-eating

(Mittineague) #4

You’re not alone, personally I’ve grown to like most of them, but many others miss the old vB smilies and dislike some of the emoji ones.

I’ve been struggling with putting together a plugin and making some progress

(Sam Saffron) #5

Aka. Man on acid dropping acid an hour after he dropped acid

(blaumeer) #6

Smiling is a cultural fact that has different undertones depending on the culture where it happens. I’m not surprised @dreeves is at odds with some emojis - the word emoji itself comes from japanese culture where smiles have a different nuance than e.g. in Italy, see e.g.:

(TechnoBear) #7

:slight_smile: has always struck me as the kind of expression babies have when they’re … er … filling their nappies. :shit: Unlike :laughing:, which looks like severe constipation…

[quote=“dreeves, post:3, topic:21751”]
I’m super curious if I’m being a stick in the mud about this or if others feel the same.
[/quote]No - I’m afraid I’m a confirmed critic. As blau says, it’s probably a cultural thing, but those expressions are just all wrong to me.

(Luke S) #8

Grin looks like “grimace” to me.

(Emitstop) #9

Hey guys, I’m one of the maintainers of the Emoji One project. Just wanted to address some of the comments posted here. The unicode standards are pretty specific about which face is assigned to which unicode value. Our main priorities are to closely match the unicode spec, as well as to match existing emoji sets in order to ensure that they translate well.

This smile emoji :smile: is defined by Unicode as “Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes”. And if you look here, all of the major existing emoji sets follow roughly the same design.

One thing that could probably be doable is to change the mapping of “:)” to a different emoji, like :grinning:. But beyond that we don’t have ability to change things up.

We’re always up for suggestions, improvements and bug reports on our issues page.

(Luke S) #10

Thanks for the link to that chart. Explains a lot. I think for the most part that you have done a good job of delivering what the unicode spec describes. Where I would quibble is that the Emoji One names do not always match the impression the glyph gives, and a few glyphs would be a better match for a different codepoint.

If I may demonstrate a quick rename:

  • :smile: U+1F606 :laughing: or :lol:
  • :smiley: U+1F601 :grinning: or =D (current Glyph this codepoint is :grin:)
  • :grinning: U+1F603 :smiley: or :D
  • ?? U+263A :smile: or :) Don’t know what glyph to put here, but IMO Droid, Symbolia, Samsung, etc. are much closer to the intent of a basic smile, rather than the current :relaxed:, which looks more like a blush.

(Rick Moby) #11

Luke and Daniel, I absolutely agree. The :shortnames: don’t always match up perfectly with the intended emoji. We (emoji one) decided it was best though to honor the previous naming conventions at & Copy and Paste ✂📋 Emoji Cheat Sheet - for consistency and familiarity. It may be worth another look though to possibly re-map which emoji corresponds with each shortname.

The feedback here is quite valuable to us. Thanks to the community here for your thoughts.

(Kane York) #12

Note also that Discourse can change the smiley -> :name: mapping.

You can make suggested changes on the Github web UI, actually. Edit button in upper right.

I’d be interested to see your ideas here.

(Daniel Reeves) #13

Wow, I’m super embarrassed that it never occurred to me to just make my smilies face left instead! (: Much simpler workaround.

Also, thank you so much to everyone chiming in to confirm I’m not crazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: Just saw @riking’s suggestion to propose edits to the translations. I think mapping “:)” to " :grinning: " is a clear improvement so I’ll do that now!

Here are the current translations:

:):smile: (should be :grinning:)
:-):smile: (should be :grinning:)

(Jeff Atwood) #14

I don’t think this deals with the fundamental open mouth vs closed mouth issue. And as pointed out by @emitstop all the emoji sets map smile to the same style of face… So this is not even correct.


smiling face with open mouth

Android seems to be the outlier but check out what happens in Android 5.0

I think a better fix is to wait for emoji improvements slated for 1.2 then you can make it whatever you want.

(Daniel Reeves) #15

I agree about missing the more fundamental issue but when someone types “:)” I think that “:grinning:” is closer to what they mean than “:smile:”. So that tweak to the translations seems better than nothing in the meantime.

Maybe it depends on how soon emoji improvements are coming? Or maybe there are other reasons to stick to “smile” as the thing that “:)” maps to and wait for emoji to get with the program?

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #16

I’ve reported this as an issue on the Emoji One bugtracker:

Once the image for that emoji would be fixed, the basic :) could be replaced by that instead of the grinning smile.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

It is true, the easiest solution is to get rid of the weird blushing and flushed cheeks on the “white smiling face” in :relaxed:. Kind of annoying since :blush: already covers that, and the two look nearly identical for no reason in most emoji sets…

(Tom Newsom) #18

Sorry for necro, but this has been bugging me the last few days and I couldn’t shake it off.

In slack, xenforo, vbulleting, gmail, :) and :D are clearly different; smiling (happy, content) and grinning (laughing, excited).

In Discourse, there’s barely any difference. Emoji One are sticking to their guns, but is there nothing we can do at this end? The simple two dots and a curve smiley face is completely missing and is missed:

EDIT: I see that :slight_smile: is now available at emoji one. any chance of seeing it in Discourse here for :)


I actually like this smiley face; it’s my most used Emote on the other Discourse forums I use. o.o

(Barry Parr) #20

I found this emoji deeply confusing the first time I encountered it, in a reply to one of my posts. I stared at it for several seconds, wondering, “What is he implying with that expression on his face?”