Beer Likes Icon

Fair warning

My first component publicly shared and it could cause ripple effects throughout the cosmos

that said this is the link

and it won’t work unless you add

fas fa-beer 

here to the svg icon subset

that said it should work to deliver a nice golden yellow beer like icon


both given and received and if no beer has been given it should be a simple smile
just as if you were sitting at a bar waiting for a beer



Is this different to the existing component for changing the icon?

It should be possible to specify any FontAwesome Glyph using the existing component.


Yes, that one does what it says,


and is great for that intended purpose, this one is beer specific and adds the beer color CSS

The colors could be changed as well as the beer icon to suite other needs if desired.

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Actually the description which you’ve edited down says:

The colors can be altered within the original component too.

Let’s try to avoid duplication here - having multiple components which do the same thing only creates confusion and twice as much to update when the underlying systems change.


Not following you there but sense some offense,

Sorry if I have offended you, there’s no color change included with that one and no trespass/duplication intended, merely a simple beer component offered.

The like component you mention was made by an experienced veteran 2 years ago with an MIT license.

I would expect the author to take mine with flattery as a compliment seeing the work carried on with good intent ,

Is the entire open source atmosphere intended to promote exactly this type of excitement and growth?

I’d certainly like to play with the older kids and not be told to take a hike.


We regularly get asked how to change the icon, and we already have a solution for it, for example:

The component in question is an official component, provided by someone within the team. When core changes occur which impacts how it behaves the team will fix it and keep the wheels turning.

Duplicating existing component functionality doesn’t really warrant a fanfare, particularly when you deliberately downplayed its functionality above.


Is head_tag.html supposed to be a complete document or a fragment?

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As a component it is complete,

However, I’ve been running this for the last year on my home forum as a fragment, only recently recognizing the value of components to keep things tidy,

it seems to be an addiction always trying to improve the looks and operation of the site,

(thinks to self) wonder if there’s a 12 step program:thinking: