Behavior of category dot on menu

(Nicholas Tolstoshev) #1

There’s a dot that appears on the menu that appears to match the category colors. It appears sometimes and stays there and I’m not sure what the expected behavior is for that feature. Does anyone have any documentation on how that works?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Sorry, are you talking about this dot?

If so, it is always there, when you click it it links you to the category.

(Nicholas Tolstoshev) #3

No, it’s on the menu bar:

It appears to be some sort of notification when there’s a new post in a category. I also will see the mail notification appear there in the same place. The problem is that it doesn’t go away until you refresh the page fully. Just going to the category or your PMs doesn’t clear it out. I’m wondering if our header code is causing issues with where the notification appears and whether it refreshes - is that possible?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This is the category marker to my eye. Not sure why no text is appearing, check the area in f12 inspect mode in your browser.

(Nicholas Tolstoshev) #5

Thanks for the info - yeah I found out that the text is not showing for some reason. When I highlight that area the category name and the topic name show up, so I’ll have to figure out what we did there.

The secondary issue is that sometimes that category marker behaves normally, in that it shows up when you are in a category and then goes away when you go back to the homepage. Other times it gets stuck showing a particular category and then never updates when you go to other areas. The only way to get it unstuck is to do a full page refresh. Is there anything we could have done in the CSS customization that could be causing this?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

Probably, since this doesn’t happen in vanilla Discourse.

(Nicholas Tolstoshev) #7

Makes sense - I’ll have to try turning everything off and starting from scratch to figure out what’s causing the issue. Thanks for your help everyone!

(Kane York) #8

Seems to me like the text color is the same as the background color, no?

(Nicholas Tolstoshev) #9

Yeah that part I gotta fix and shouldn’t be too hard. The more difficult issue is why the status is getting stuck.