Being able to forget discussions

(Arnt Gulbrandsen) #1

I’d like an button labelled “forget” on each topic on the unread page.

If “forget” is too short, it could be labelled “Yes, mr. topic, I know I scrolled around your postings yesterday, but they were too stupid for words. I am appalled that there are 44 more postings about this drivel. Kindly go away and let me forget that people can say such things.”

(Henrik Enggaard) #2

Can’t you just use the notification drop down to select how much information you want?

(Arnt Gulbrandsen) #3

I found it now that you told me it existed. I had to do this:

  1. Click on the topic whose existence I should like to forget.
  2. Scroll down so all of the posts I want to ignore were visible.
  3. Click “tracking”.
  4. Select “muted”.

This is the kind of thing one does after reading a FAQ or bothering someone, it’s not a discoverable UI action. The action I want becomes visible after three steps and ~5 seconds.

(Arnt Gulbrandsen) #4

And, ahem, after step 2 I am at risk of telling everyone just how stupid and wrong they are. Lead me not into temptation.

(hamburglar) #5

I think the number one feature that would revolutionize online forums is if it could somehow convince you that these people already know how stupid and wrong they are, and that telling them is unnecessary. :smiley:

(Henrik Enggaard) #6

Good point about having to scroll past all of the comments, it’s an issue.

Possibly a select-and-act feature (like selecting in mail and document applications) could be a needed feature.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Yes, agreed, we need some way to select things in the topic list and take action on them, e.g. mark these 5 topics as muted.

Right now you have to enter each topic, go to the end, and mark the state there. Not ideal or even remotely ideal.

Mark Topics as Not-New
(Jeff Atwood) #8

The unread page now has Dismiss Topics and Dismiss Posts buttons. So @arnt I hope we are no longer leading you into temptation…

(Arnt Gulbrandsen) #9


Also, might I note that Discourse’s email is well-written. Thanks.