Besides Badges area, what other parts of my forum can lead users to blogs/forums?

Recently I found that there are a few badges (one being: badges.basic_user.description ) which could lead user to And from there to Meta.Discourse.Org/com which perhaps I won’t want.

I was wondering, if, on my Disco forum, are there other such areas also which could lead my users to

Nope, there is no visible or clickable reference to Discourse.


You mean except from the badges/place I mentioned?

There should be no reference or link to Discourse on the badges, otherwise send me a link to the badges you are referring to.

The only references you could find are related to the FAQ, TOS ans privacy pages but each site is supposed to edit these pages to fit your needs.

A user can find references to Discourse checking the page source or disabling javascript on the browser.

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If you look at the descriptions for Basic, Member, Regular, Leader, all of them link to


I mentioned one such badge/place in my first post.

You are right I forgot the article we link to understand trust levels. You can edit badges from the/admin/customize/site_texts.


Simply search the translations file for the URL of the blog, this will return all copy matches. There are a few.


Where can I find the translations file?

They’re on github here discourse/config/locales at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Each language has a server.XX.yml and client.XX.yml where XX is the language code (so, server.en.yml and client.en.yml for English)

You can look at the files on github if you want to see all the text in one place and then go to /admin/customize/site_texts on your Discourse site to edit it, or skip that step and visit /admin/customize/site_texts directly and search for the text you want there (searching for blog works for the above cases mentioned).