Best implementation of AI in discourse

We are in a marathon to make our community smarter by implementing new technology.
recently we were thinking to make the AI engage in the functionality of our community by somehow to help us run the community smoothly and make the use easier for people.
at the same time, we want to move to have new technology like many services.

so the question is what is the best way to engage AI in our community?

What problem(s) are you trying to solve exactly? AI isn’t a panacea…


In fact we have no problem, we just want to implement the AI to make the search smarter and at the same time we need logic can play as admin but without humans.
like the AI to be able to determine what spam post is, deleting these posts and blocking users.

Why do you think you need to make the search “smarter”?

Not sure what that means…

Have you actually used Discourse? There a lots of features built-in to automatically deal with spammers. :wink:


we do use discourse since 2017, sorry for the confusion. i just want to know if there is anyway we can use AI in discourse to play any role in our community.

You can do pretty much you want with Discourse and AI. I was just being curious why you were considering AI.

Feel free to try it out and report back.


One example:


I’m not sure that implementing new technologies without having a concrete problem to solve qualifies as making anything “smarter” :wink:


I’m definitely not a search algo expert, but I like to think I know enough to recognize the difference between my rudimentary efforts and more developed and mature approaches. IMHO it would take significant effort to negligibly improve (if at all) on the current search.

Nothing personal, but I wouldn’t call a “auto reply bot” AI, but what do I know. I think of “AI” as a buzzword more than any definite technology.

Not that AI shouldn’t be discussed and explored, only that I try to “use the tool that fits the job”, and not “find a job the tool can do” as fun as that can be at times.


Hmmm … going to have to disagree with you there!

A sophisticated chatbot is very likely to employ AI techniques.

My example was a good one. Even a brief bit of research reveals:

Yes, people can use the term ‘AI’ inappropriately, but not in this case.


Thanks. I was unaware that other than preprogrammed responses was already possible.

It feels like AI, IoT, speech, and technology in general advance much faster than I can keep up with.

The closest existing feature I can think of is discobot. Do you find this to be a big positive for your forum?

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I think that in some avenues, their level of capability is indeed exaggerated, so you are right to remain a little sceptical.

I implemented it on a client site. I’ll try and catch up with him. It’s an interesting use of the technology.