Best Practice for Moderators Removing a Post

At first I thought to use the flag system but this just kicks it back to review, which seems redundant. So the straightforward thing seems to be to just delete the message and PM the user.

  1. Does this miss out on benefits of flagging. For instance, I know flagged posts count against the user’s TL? And there may be other papertrail this loses.

  2. It’s a bit manual. Would be nice to have a “delete and PM user” which sets up a template based on some reason. I’m sure we’ll be doing this all the time – removing a post because it violates the guidelines (e.g., posting something for sale or including a review or promotional material).

  3. Or, do I flag it, then go into the review system and finalize/approve my flagging action?

Thanks for pointers to other articles and any info on best practice or plugins.


After playing around with this more, I realized option 3 works almost as I’d want it for removing posts, using the “Take Action” button. For some reason, there is no “Take Action” on Topics which must have been what I was originally trying to do. In any case reviewing it yourself is not a big deal if you want to take immediate action.

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