Best practices for forum moderators

(Alexandre Angelim) #1

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On multiple occasions I’ve seen @codinghorror change the title of a topic. For instance, he does that when the original title was related to something that was solved or based in incorrect assumptions, but was repurposed during its course in a manner that would still help others. This is brilliant! My initial thought was just to close the topic, but I can see how that would be a mistake after experiencing this.

Are there other best practices you could share to people like me, just starting in the forum scene?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There are some other implied questions here. Trust level 3, which is coming Any Day Now (it is implemented, we just need to finalize the automatic promotion criteria) enables sufficiently trusted users to automatically edit category and title of all topics.

It’s only recently that you would even be notified of category and title edits, FYI, that change was in the last month or so.

(Alexandre Angelim) #3

The point is I really liked to know that a moderator found value in one of my posts, even though it was created based on miss information. The flow of the thread showed it would still be valuable for another reason. Knowing someone cared about it enough to repurpose it just made me more engaged.

I wonder if there are any more pro tips you guys would be willing to share regarding forum moderation.