Best practices for organizing forum?

(Daniel Lopez) #1

Not sure if this is the right category. I have been reading some threads related to categorization (Forum categories as social isolation, not as information organization) and I was wondering if somebody with more experience could provide advice on how to organize our forum.

We plan on moving our Q&A site to a Discourse forum. We do not know which categories to create. We were thinking of having one per application that we support (wordpress, drupal, redmine, etc.) but many of the questions are generic or related to running a virtual machine or cloud image, not related to an app in particular. We currently support 70+ apps and are concerned of what will happen if we grow to thousands of apps. Any thoughts? Is there a “best practices” guide somewhere or well-organized forums that we could look for ideas? Thanks!

Best practices for forum moderators
(Jeff Atwood) #2

You definitely want a “General VM” or “General package” type category that covers issues which are generic and apply to all Bitnami packages.

It is generally considered bad form to create too many categories, but personally I don’t feel 70 is an overwhelming number. You might start with your most popular packages and let the rest get grouped into “other” for now to keep it simple.

It is very easy to recategorize topics in Discourse so later you can move topics out of general to something more specific as the packages get more popular. (though we still need a way to act on groups of topics…)

(Alexandre Angelim) #3

Don’t you think @lightyear’s tagger plugin would be more appropriate to your use case? I think a tagging system would be a better fit to the situation where you can grow into thousands of apps. I know this is an old post, but I’ve seen other use cases through the forum where tagging would be nice. Most of them when there are product support involved.