Best way to implement a "thread prefix" option?

Hi all,

I succesfully set up Discourse and soon I want to migrate my old MyBB forum to this installation.
But before doing so, I want to implement a feature me and my members use a lot in MyBB.
It’s called “thread prefixes” and I haven’t seen an option in Discourse to enable a similar feature.

I want it to look like this when a member starts a new topic:

Is there a plugin available for this or do I have to edit the source code myself?
If the latter, where do I start and what would be the best way to do this?

I realize that a lot of people don’t understand why I really want to have this option, but for me it is just really necessary.

Can anyone help me?

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Could you expand on what you use Prefixes for?

It might be solvable with Tags.

Alternatively, I’d look into using subcategories for that.

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Thanks guys for replying.

I use them for two reason:

  1. To get an impression what kind of topic it is before opening it (main reason)
    We have different types of tutorials, so for example a topic could be a Question, Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, Tutorial 3 or a Share, etc.
  2. To filter on them (as alternative to category view).
    On my MyBB forum I do this with php and SQL, but any other way that makes it look like a decent overview would be fine I guess.

I could use subcategories, but that means that every category has the exact same subcategories. It also means that the list of categories you can choose from would be extremely long.

Maybe tags can be used, but that means users have to type them thereselves, right? (Correct me if you’re not sure I understand te concept of tags). Encouraging people to choose a prefix is way easier if they can choose from a list or something.

Users will have to start typing the name, which will trigger a search:

Thank you, I installed the tags plugin to take a look at it.

Although I think tags are great (and I’ll definitely leave this plugin installed), I don’t feel like this is what I’m looking for. The problem that people can type in whatever they want still remains.
Of course this is not a problem for tags, but it is for this prefix thing I want.

I just want users to be able to choose a predefined prefix from a dropdown menu because

  1. They don’t need to type anything before they can see suggestions
  2. It encourages them to use a prefix from the list without telling them they have to.
  3. They don’t see other tags between the prefixes I want them to use
  4. Another problem with tags is that they need to be used by somebody else in order to show them as a suggestion

Does anyone have another suggestion on how to implement this feature?

I was a “Mybb” user too (admin of course), and I think you must change your point of view.

Of course you can “buy” a new plugin for this (here into #marketplace), but as I said before, I think you can use tagging for your request. Your community must understand :slight_smile:

The Discourse-Tagging plugin has a few configuration options you might wish to review.


  • min_trust_to_create_tag
  • min_trust_level_to_tag_topics
  • max_tags_per_topic

Using a combination of these you can make it so:

  • users can only pick from tags you and your “leaders” define - set min_trust_to_create_tag to trust level 4.
  • only allow trusted users to tags topics anyway - set min_trust_level_to_tag_topics to 3 or 4
  • only allow a single tag on a topic - set max_tags_per_topic to 1 (only if you really don’t want there being a chance of being tagged as two different “things”).