Best way to install Discourse on my Linux Mint Desktop?

Is there an easy way to have discourse on my desktop?
I just want to play it locally before trying to use it on live forums.

If you just want to play with posting, images, polls, emojis, etc, just use

If you want to test the configurations and customizations, follow the install guide on Digital Ocean. You pay just $ 0.015/hr.

If you want to test developing plugins or changing discourse code base, see here.


I don’t know if it would work for Mint, but this worked well for me with an Ubuntu 16 guest in a VM

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Last I looked, Mint was pretty close to Ubuntu, so that Development Guide should work just fine.


I just tried this stack: Discourse Cloud Hosting, Discourse Installer, Docker Container and VM
But it’s pretty slow for me :/.

Are you trying to install an instance to use, or for development?

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Just for testing purposes. For me to familiarize the system.

Then you should probably do this:

That’ll let you see how it performs where you’ll probably host it for $0.35 per day.

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I’ve installed Discourse on my laptop (Linux Mint KDE) for local site development, with the normal Docker installation, etc., and it seems to be working well.

I’m testing a subfolder installation of Discourse with a WordPress site on web root. However, the normal and easier subdomain installation for Discourse would work also fine.

This is optional, but we can install first a web control panel to create and manage virtual servers (using for local development the /etc/hosts file instead of DNS name servers). For example, I use Virtualmin control panel as a module of Webmin. This is installed manually with additional needed software (in my case Nginx, MySQL, PHP…, for WordPress, etc.), not with the automatic Virtualmin script for newly installed operating systems, which is not the case of this laptop.

But if only some testing is needed, there are other suggestions in this thread to do it easily online.

These options are useful for the good old workflow: development (local dev site), staging (online test site), production (online live site).

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