Best Way To Merge Categories

(Andres Hernandez) #1

I’d like to merge two categories together. Is there a good way to do this?

From what I’ve read I would have to go into one category and manually select every topic, and then change the category. That is fine for small categories, but I have potentially hundreds (or thousands) of posts I’m dealing with. This isn’t exactly practical.

I’ve also read that it will only show topics that are in memory, not necessarily every topic in the category. This just seems like a big hassle for admins and I don’t understand why there is not this basic functionality. Am I missing something obvious?

Best way to combine/merge categories when importing topics?
(Kane York) #2

It’s more of a “nobody’s really complained, so nobody’s bothered to fix it” thing.

This will help speed it up, just paste it in your browser console after turning on the selection mode:

$('.star input').click()

(Andres Hernandez) #3

Thanks for replying, but unfortunately that trick doesn’t work. When I enter the code, it does appear to check all the boxes, but the bulk action button doesn’t appear. In order to make the button appear, I have to at least click (or un-click) one of the topics. Then the button shows up. Unfortunately, after clicking the button, it only says one topic is selected (the one I toggled) even though the rest of them still appear checked. Clicking change category only effects that one topic!

(Kane York) #4

Ah! Figured it out, change it to click(),

$('.star input').click()

(Andres Hernandez) #5

OK, that worked. Thanks.

(Régis Hanol) #6

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