Better button styles

(Theron Boerner) #1

The buttons that we currently have are, well… not awesome. I’d like to document my complaints and try to provide a few suggestions.

First, a fade transition. Fading colors feels like the interface is less responsive and also messes with the colors. Second, they don’t feel consistent. Most other links are not buttons (cancel, hide preview, or not styles like them in the case of the new, unread, etc links). Many aspects of discourse are clearly taken from stackoverflow and I think we could take a few more.

  1. Remove fades.
  2. Only change button background color, not the text color.
  3. Differentiate between buttons that serve as links and ones that perform an action. (Answer your question vs Questions, Tags, Users, etc)

Another thing worth considering is using a border style/underline to show which of the top links is currently active.

(Image of current buttons for posterity.)

Thank you for taking the time to read.


@hunterboerner - i believe that everything u mentioned can be done by custom css? This is the discourse default style that is provided for everyone. But most of the communities change styling as they prefer for thier community :smile: