Better categorized private messages for site owners and moderators

(Patrick Klug) #1

As a site owner, I wish there was a way to filter out private messages which are auto-generated by the system. When your PM history looks like this:

It’s rather hard to find any past PM I sent manually.

The two most common message seem to be the Welcome to our forum message and the Post hidden due to community flagging.

It would be very useful if they could be split out in their own list.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I have this problem as well! Here on meta. 10k PMs of which the vast majority are Welcome…

(Sam Saffron) #3

I think the best thing here is probably to add an extra flag on PMs that are “system initiated” and an extra “system” tab for the site admin.

(cpradio) #4

I like this expanded to Flags given using Notify Member or Notify Moderators too.

Most of the PMs that are in the Mine section, are me sending PMs via the Flag system. That isn’t exactly how I expected “Mine” to look like and makes it difficult to find “true” person to person PMs that are unrelated to moderating.