Better UX for embedding comments?

(Marcin Ossowski von Wendorff) #1


I would like to be able to post directly (inline) from website embedding a Discourse discussion.
So far it is only possible to click “continue discussion” and get carried to discourse site.

I’ve seen Eviltrout comment Embedding Discourse in Static Sites - Evil Trout’s Fishtank

Regarding allowing people to post inline for embedding, we have no plans to add that feature right now, although it’s conceivable we’ll add it in the future. If that feature is make or break for you, maybe consider another piece of software…

… is there at least some plugin which brings functionality like this?
Or perhaps can the discourse editor (it’s in Ember.js, right?) be embedded as well, to be able to reply from the embedding site?

(Jacob Chapel) #2

Discourse has an API that is used for everything. Conceivably someone could create a plugin that allowed commenting for logged in users. Though I don’t have any experience with the embedded topics, so it may still be complicated none the less.

(Michael Downey) #3

If the API were documented, that is … :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Posting directly inline is not a goal for the project. You can read other topics here that describe why.

(Marcin Ossowski von Wendorff) #5

Well, there are the spec files and after some testing seems API is quite easy. We’ll write a frontend to it I guess…

(Kenny Meyer) #6

…but would it be technically speaking possible to implement inline commenting on embedded comments in your opinion?