Big pictures be trimmed on v1.5.0.beta12 +137 if width setting is larger than default width of topic body

(Jongnam Lee) #1

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I am running a k-pop fan forum and upgraded to v1.5.0.beta12 +137 jut now. But the big picture is being displayed as trimmed from laptop/tablet browsers. Please take a look at the link below:

(Sam Saffron) #2

Can you reproduce the issue on ?

(Jongnam Lee) #3

Here it is:

But the behavior is different against my server. From, the image is displayed as the width and height specified. But the ignores the tag and forces to display into small size. What my users want is to display pic into full size over small.

Here is the image url that I tested.

<img src="//" width="1500" height="1000">

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Seems ok on

(Jongnam Lee) #5

Not likely; the ignores the width and height attribute from <img src=...> link which is not expected.

Which admin configuration controls the behavior? It used to be displayed as big pics before the major rendering engine release, but now:

  • ignores the width and height attribute of <img src> html tag.
  • displays in full image size but right hand side be displayed as trimmed on desktop browser.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

The thumbnail is the correct size for the width of the post body (barring retina DPI levels, that’s another factor). Clicking or tapping on the thumbnail will show the full size image.

(Jongnam Lee) #7

So the new rendering engine adjust the image size to be fit into the body width? Although works as it intended,, as an example of the on the field deployments, does not work correctly. It does not reduce the size of the image to fit into body width. And another problem is it displays as trimmed to fit into the body which is the real problem.

Another factor is, my users like to see big pictures be displayed as big; that was one of the reason I chosen Discourse over other tools. Is there any option that I can tune, so that the big pictures be displayed as big on the desktop screen?

(Sam) #8

How did posting large images work on your forum before the vdom update? Do you have something in admin/customize affecting image sizes? If not, maybe your max image height/width settings are too high?

The default behavior of Discourse (even before the vdom update) is to take images that exceed the defined max width and height (690 and 500px by default, located in admin/settings in the “Files” category) and make a thumbnail, which you then click on to get the full image size. Er, as codinghorror already mentioned.

(Jongnam Lee) #9

Let say I uploaded 1280x720 pixel photo into my discourse. The previous deployment did not make any thumbnail. Instead of that, it displayed it as full size regardless of the post body width. In fact that was one of the favorite of my users. So the thumbnail did not work since beginning.

The current version still does not create thumbnail; but instead of displaying in full size, it now trims the pic which larger than 690px. I tested the create thumbnail option on/off, but it does not change the behavior.

Please check the pic below: 이제 진짜 안올리믄 안될것 같은 11시짤ㅋㅋ - 우현 - 사진, 영상 - 마이우현닷컴

(Sam) #10

So the picture just overflowed the boundaries of the topic body and covered the right side of the screen? I mean if that’s what you want… it seems a little less than ideal to me, though.

It looks like you have your max image height/width settings set at 2048x2048px. If you revert that to the regular setting, you should at least be able to get the default behavior with thumbnails working. Not sure how to keep it from trimming the larger images though, I didn’t find anything while poking around at it briefly.

(Jongnam Lee) #11

Thanks! I changed the height/width settings to default and now I can see the pics without trimming at least.

The old rendering engine covered the right side of the screen. But the new rendering engine trims. It seems like the height/width settings behaves in different way. My end users like the old behavior. It may less than ideal, but the new renderer’s behavior is far from ideal.

If the renderer’s trimming behavior is the feature over a bug, please let me know.

(Sam Saffron) #12

If you are straying from our built in defaults here you are going to need to create CSS for your site to deal with it. I am still not following why an extra click to see the HUGE images in a lightbox is such a big deal.

(Jongnam Lee) #13

Thanks for the tip. It is not a big deal but a little clarification because I am happily using Discourse other than this one.

What I learned from this topic is that the Discourse’s new rendering engine changed the default behavior of the width/height settings. In fact I am glad you confirmed that it is the new default. I can manage my issue via CSS, although I need to learn it.

But as an end user, I want to provide it as a feedback that the current version’s width setting will trim the images if it’s wider than topic body. I may not be able to say it is major use case; but it is better be explicitly explained for other users.

(ljpp) #14

What is the date or Discourse version where the new rendering engine is released to tests-passed?