Big table cause errors


When update a big table with ‘|’, like this one :
Liste des sociétés de clients mystères, enquêteurs, auditeurs - Les sociétés - Forum-Enquêteurs, errors occures.

Main errors :

  • internal service error
  • adresse déjà prise (URL already exists)

Many times updates are saved before error come but it is a real problem.

Is there limits to use tables ?
Howto solve this problem ?

Many thanks

Sorry, I do not understand? Can you post a minimal reproduction of the issue here?


I “edit” the post (link above) to add or modify content, with ‘|’ in order to have table display.

Then I try to submit editor form.
Error popup is displayed over the form, which seems not sent.
And if I reload the page, I see the post updated.

Do you need printscreens ?

I managed to put this post in a reply here, and add a new line just fine (it’s very slow, but works).

Can you check for related errors while trying to edit the post?


New test give in log : “Job exception: Validation échouée : Url a déjà été pris”
No popup message displayed.

I will make more tests in this days, and see logs.
Thanks for the idea

To be clear, that is not an uppercase “eye” or a lowercase “el” but the pipe character?

Yes, true pipe (alt gr + 6)

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