Big tmp backup dir

(mbajur) #1


recently i observed that one of the docker-discourse-related directories takes 6GB of space and i’m not sure what for. I’m basically having trouble with my hard-drive being out-of-space (it’s a 50 GB SSD) and am now trying to find a reason.

This 6GB directory is


and all i can see in there are some old backup data files no longer needed. Is that normal? Can i just remove them? Is there any recommended way of clearing such caches? I don’t want to break something.

Thanks in advance.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

From the SSH command line

./launcher cleanup

(mbajur) #3

I’m affraid that didn’t helped. I still do have that big 10GB (it was 6GB when i was writing my original post, now it’s 10) backup folder in /var/lib/docker/overlay2 and the cleanup command says that

Finished Cleanup (bytes free 0)