Biggest/busiest Discourse forums?


Yes I have but I thought some big forums have died or some other big forums have been created.


I’m considering moving our forums to discourse. We also have a large site with occasional super high traffic spikes (like 500,000k in an hour. Over the course of a month, I’d expect maybe 10,000,000 overall pageviews with maybe 250,000 active users, possibly another 250,000 barely active.

I’ve been talking to a few people who said there might be some scaling issues. I’m not a technical person, so tell it to me like I’m 5.

Have any of you with larger forums in this thread run into problems, or have any tips to avoid them? @aazarov, @mpalmer

(Matt Palmer) #23

Tip: lots of fast hardware, and smart people to run it.

We (CDCK) have several sites that do in excess of 3M hits per day; I don’t have absolute peak per-hour numbers to hand, but I know we do cover some pretty big launches – new game titles mostly, but one of the sites we host goes nuts for the Miss Universe pageant, which generates a good spike in request rates.

Scaling a Discourse site is not hard; we’re not using exotic technologies (Rails, Redis, PostgreSQL) and there’s plenty of guidance out there about how to tune those components for better performance in a wide variety of situations. You’ll probably need the assistance of some technical people, given that you profess to being non-technical yourself, but frankly at any sort of scale you’ll need technical assistance regardless of what platform or stack you run, just because technology is never simple.


I think the Infinite Flight Community has taken the lead. 2.2k active users and 501 topics created in the last week:

Thanks Discourse! We’re having great fun using your platform. Congrats for 4 years of service.

(Matt Palmer) #25

Yes, Infinite Flight has certainly…

:slight_smile: :dark_sunglasses:

… taken off.




Haha, I’d say so too! It just shows the wide network of Infinite Flight users. These forums are certainly a lot more functional than other forums I’ve seen. Thanks for all your fantastic work on Discourse, we really appreciate it. :smile: :thumbsup:

(Brandon ) #27

I would just like to Thank Discourse for their service! Infinite Flight Community has just hit 30,000 Active Users! Thanks for all your work!


The biggest Discourse forum might be Gamekult :

They migrated from IPB around march’17. Their forum exists since 2003 or 2004

552k users / 16.8M posts

(Anderson Crane) #29

The Infinite Flight Forum is almost at 70k users. community.infiniteflight.comThere’s also TRS, which I joined recently.