Bitnami discourse + google cloud + G suite

Hi, how can i do discourse work with gsuite?

First, you don’t do it with Bitnami. It’s old, broken, and unsupported.

Gmail is not recommended because it’s a violation of their terms of service, but I think that it should be OK with G suite, maybe.

Discourse is a standard SMTP client. You have to do stuff to let Google log in without its regular checks.

You get 10K messages/month free with Mailgun (and the other recommended providers have similar free levels).


Hi @Henrique_Elias,

You can take a look at the Bitnami docs, you can find a section about How To Configure Outbound Email Settings including a subsection about “Troubleshooting Gmail SMTP Issues”.

According to GitHub, the official Discourse image was released on Oct 30, 2017, 4:18 PM GMT+1 while the Bitnami one was published on Oct 30, 2017, 8:05 PM GMT+1, so yes, the Bitnami container is 4 hours older than the official one, too much time?
I do not understand this opposition because I am using it intensively, for example developing plugins, and it works fine.

That’s great news. Historically, people have had lots of problems with it, including not being able to upgrade.

There are still some quirks with how it works, I think, which is why it remains unsupported.

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I installed the Bitnami Google Cloud image. Other image components might be updated / patched but Discourse was v1.8.9-dirty - 25 days ago - while the official release at the same time was 1.9.0.beta14

I also found that updating Discourse on the Bitnami image to be a bit unclear / troublesome and next to impossible if you don’t really know what you’re doing.