Blank page loaded after todays upgrade due to incompatible plugin


MAJOR issue - Blank page loaded after todays upgrade

I did the upgrade today (like 10+ hours ago) and then checked the site - all was good.

But got an email from user stating that he is seeing just a white screen.
ALSO - I checked in Analytics - new users today = 0

I logged out and checked - I’m also now seeing a white screen.

not sure what is wrong.


I just took SSH and then did ./launcher rebuild app
The site is still blank - white screen.

Someone please help me.
What could be wrong here?

(Daniela) #3

Have you installed third-party plugins? Comment out them from the .yml file and launch the rebuild again.
Do you see some errors on server logs?

Without further information, it is practically impossible to help you in detail.


I just commented out all the plugins and doing a rebuild now…


Site is back.

So that means:
It was one of the plugins.

Now I’m going to enable back each plugin one-by-one to find out what was causing the issue.


It was this plugin that was causing the issue:

(Daniela) #7

Happy to hear that you’ve solved the issue :+1:

Yesterday has been reported that that plugin did not work.
I suggest you always check the topics of the various plugins you use (especially if third party) before updating. Since I have this habit I save myself from many headaches.:grinning:

(Markus) #8

@codinghorror – I would suggest to implement some check (callback?) function that automatically disables the broken / incompatible plugin and notifies the site admin. And the site will continue to run in “safe mode” :wink: Is this possible? What do you think guys?

Smoke-testing plugins during upgrade process
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