Blank page when trying to access (as guest) a protected subcategory

(William Di Luigi) #1

I created a category and I protected it so that only a (currently empty) group of people can “create / view / reply” inside it. As an admin, I can access the “category definition” topic.

If I copy that topic’s URL and I paste it in a new incognito window (so I visit the URL as a not logged-in user) I correctly receive an invitation to log in.

Now, I created a subcategory and I tried to do the same thing (copying and pasting the URL in a new incognito window). It doesn’t matter whether the subcategory is protected like its parent or not, the page that shows up is a blank page.

Note that if I check the source (CTRL+U in chromium) of that blank page I seem to be able to peek at the content of the topics.

(William Di Luigi) #2

Correction: when I protect the subcategory as well, the page that shows up correctly invites me to log in. The issue is visible only when the subcategory is not protected. Still, it should be automatically protected like its parent, shouldn’t it be?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

No, it does not have to be. A hidden category with a public subcategory is unsupported, though.