Blank topic names?


Hello! Recently, a weird glitch occured on The Hopscotch Forum. A topic was made with the title “Secret “Unread” Tab”, but the name glitched out and was blank:

(It’s the blank one. As you can see, someone else made another topic about this, so it isn’t just me.)

When you try to edit the title, the correct title appears in the text box but, even if you change the title, when you click accept the title is blank again. Here is a look inside the topic:

And when you get a notification in the topic it is also blank:

Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix it? If you need any other information, just ask.

The link to the topic is here:

(CreativeCoder) #2

We got more information.


Yep… seems like any topic with the name ‘Secret Unread Tab’ is blank.

(Nick S) #4

We’ve figured it out:

The topic must be called “Secret Unread Tab”. Then, the title disappears! Even notifications go blank when you are tagged/replied to on the blank topic.

(Nick S) #5

I’ll do some testing on Discourse Try and see if it only happens on the Hopscotch forum.


It doesn’t seem to happen on Discourse Try, only on the Hopscotch forum.

(Nick S) #7

Alright, it didn’t disappear on Discourse Try. I wonder why this only happens on the Hopscotch forums.

(CreativeCoder) #8

@BuildASnowman, can you unlist these topics, tomorrow maybe? There’s over five now I think…

(Nick S) #9

More news: there are more no name topics, but a bunch of them have different names. That means it doesn’t specifically have to be called “Secret Unread Tab”. :thinking:


I got it! The topic just has to have ‘Unread’ in the name, and it is invisible!

(Nick S) #11

Yes, this is correct! I made one last test topic, and again, this seems to be correct! :open_mouth:

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Can you repro this on Otherwise I suspect it is CSS related.


I’m pretty sure it is css related. We tried on and it didn’t happen. I’ll see what I can find.

(Nick S) #14

It doesn’t seem to work on Try, I’ve made another unread topic.


Yes it’s sooo weird! Plus topics have been disappearing!

(Gerhard Schlager) #16

Could it be this in your custom CSS?

a[href*="hidden content"] {
    display: none !important


Another weird thing… whereas I see no reference to any other topic in <head>, the secret unread topic (the blank one) appears all over:


As a moderator is there any way for me to view/edit our css?

(Nick S) #19

It’s the word “unread”. Once the word is in a title, the topic’s title disappears.


I know, I did one. But whole topics have been disappearing.