Blank user avatar pictures after migration

(Marijn Haverbeke) #1

I had an old Discourse install whose ‘backup’ feature kept failing, so when migrating I manually dumped the database and imported it into a fresh install, followed by migrating the database. That worked great—I now have a mostly working new instance. But I suppose I missed some files, since a lot of users now have blank avatar images.

Unfortunately, the directory structure under uploads/default on the old install looks nothing like the structure on the new install, and I can’t figure out which files to copy where. Any tips on how to move over the avatar files? Is there an equivalent to db migration for files?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Just copy the “uploads” directory of the old instance to your new one and you should be good to go :wink:

(Marijn Haverbeke) #3

I did, or at least, I copied the content of public/uploads/default to shared/standalone/uploads/default, but that didn’t help.