Blocked admin user's IP by mistake - how do I unblock?

(Peter Richardson) #1


I know it’s like the ultimate thing not to do but I clicked too quick and accidently blocked myself -

I’ve clicked in users > blocked since then (on my phone) and my admin user does not appear, I’ve searched for it and it doesn’t appear.

How can I unblock the IP address!!!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Admin, logs is where you want to go.

(Peter Richardson) #3

Thanks but I’ve just been in there and my admin email and my IP address are not listed. I’ve also tried to ‘allow’ the IP address and it comes back saying “Sorry an error has occurred”

This is what it says in the error logs when I try to allow my ip:

Really sorry about this - I’d just finished setting up :frowning:

(Peter Richardson) #4

Managed to get round it by changing my router IP address :slight_smile:


Same issue here, also, I cannot delete or modify the records in the screened ips section which show they have an ‘invalid date’. This is the first time seeing the invalid date entries error.

I’ve had the not being able to log in issue several times in the past and searched the logs for the ip I was using, I couldn’t find a record and still couldn’t log in until I used a different ip to log in (either flushing the dynamic ip or using mobile internet).

I’m concerned that this may be affecting forum users also.

Edit: I didn’t delete/edit the ips out of the screenshot, the ip logs actually appear blank in discourse.

(Régis Hanol) #6

Yeah that page is not working anymore. Fixing it.

It’s now fixed :wink:


Great, thanks! @zogstrip

The page is working for me now, however I still cannot modify the IP records. Either delete, edit or toggle block/allow.

(Régis Hanol) #8

Yup, I did not try using the buttons. Required more work but it’s now :100:% working :wink: