Blocked Users and Unexpectedly Hidden Posts


I’ve noticed that now when you block a user, all their posts become hidden and topics unlisted. Is there a topic that explains the reason for this?

Blocked users topics are automatically unlisted - how to fix this?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

I believe this is related to recent changes by @neil around some TL3 abilities in flagging.

I think a safer way to do this is only to auto hide all posts if the blocked user is TL0 @neil.


I don’t see a need for this regardless of trust level. A new user probably hasn’t created many topics or replies so they can be manually unlisted or hidden if needed.

If another users needs to be blocked for whatever reason I don’t see why their previous posts would need to be hidden or unlisted, as they may have been of value.

(Henrik Berg) #4

Maybe an option when you block a user? You could hide all the posts and unlist the topics or just delete everything.

(Neil Lalonde) #5

If you mean manually blocking a user by clicking the “Block” button in admin, then it doesn’t hide posts. I tested again now, and it doesn’t hide posts.

That’s how it currently works. If a TL0 user’s posts get flagged too many times as spam, then they will be blocked and their posts hidden.


I just blocked a member and all their posts are now hidden. I just don’t see a reason for this feature at all.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Was this user at trust level 0? What is the rationale for the block, can you elaborate?

(Alex Garnett) #8

I also just had this happen after blocking a user at trust level 2, and I’d really like for their posts (and topics!) to not be hidden. I even ran a DB query to try to revert this (set hidden = n if such and such user and delete timestamp is null) and they seem to have re-hidden themselves overnight.


No, this user was not at trust level 0, they are TL2. We blocked him because we don’t want him coming back. That being said, he has made his fair share of topics and there is no need for them to be unlisted. Also it just looks strange for perfectly fine posts to be hidden from community flagging.

(Alex Garnett) #10

PS: Since we don’t seem to agree at this point whether this is the expected behavior or a bug, I’m on 1.6b12.


I think this is only supposed to happen if you block a new user. I’m not in favor of that either, but this happened to me when I blocked a member.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Why didn’t you suspend the user? Block means they can still log in and do everything but post.


I try not to suspend people for hundreds of years, I thought if we never want the suspension to run out, block is a better option. When they’re blocked they can only like and communicate in PMs they receive, which is not much at all.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

Block isn’t intended for that usage. Thst might be why you are having problems with it. Still, we should verify @neil that blocking a TL 1 plus user does not hide their posts.


Interesting, I always thought that suspending people for hundreds of years was a little unprofessional looking. Has there been any talk to implement a feature in which you could suspend a user until you manually unsuspend?

Thanks for your help!


@neil posts still become hidden when you block a member, in some cases it hides thousands of posts which make other users questions moderation and staff actions since perfectly fine posts are hidden for community flagging.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

You are going to keep running into this if you use block instead of suspend. I suggest you change your approach.

(Neil Lalonde) #18

@carson You never did answer me about how you are blocking the users. Here’s my screenshot again:

I tested again with a user with many topics and posts who is TL1 and none of the posts or topics got deleted. How are you doing it? What version of Discourse are you running?


Sorry about that, I must’ve missed it. Yes that’s how we block users, profile>admin>block. We’re hosted so we run 1.6 at the moment. Could it have to do with suspensions? Do suspensions hide all posts?

(Neil Lalonde) #20

Hmm… that’s quite a mystery.

In your logs (/admin/logs/staff_action_logs), I see that there are a lot of TL0 users getting auto-blocked by the system user, in which case their posts and topics will be hidden. And there are sequences of events like this:

Is the problem that your community is very quick to flag new user posts, thereby hiding their posts? Are they exploiting the rules to abuse new people?

Actually you said it happened to someone with thousands of posts… I’m stumped.