Blocked users topics are automatically unlisted - how to fix this?


I blocked a user.
His topics are unlisted.
Some of the posts that he did today are hidden and it says “post flagged by community” or something similar to that.

Is there a setting in admin panel - using which I can say that “just block the user - but don’t unlist his topics or flag his posts or make his posts hidden”.

The reason I blocked the user is because - I just don’t want him to start any new topic or create any new post - but nothing else needs to be done to his existing posts or topics.

(Daniela) #2

Take a look here

and see if this is a regression or not.


I’m talking about the same issue.

After I blocked the user this is what happened:

  1. All his posts from last 24 hours got hidden.
  2. All his threads from the last 24 hours got unlisted.

The reason I used “block” instead of "suspend"
My plan is to block him for just 1-2 days. In the mean time, one of the moderators will explain him why he got blocked. If I suspend him, there is no way he can login to the site and there is no way we can explain him what he did wrong and how he can fix it. I would like him to send us pm etc. read posts in the site etc. and understand what he has lost. He lost the ability to create posts. After 1-2 days of blocking - when the user is back to the site - he will be a better user.

So, I think this needs to be fixed:

  1. Please do not hide the posts or threads of a blocked user. I do understand that, just the post & threads from last 24 hours are hidden/unlisted - but I don’t think it makes any sense.

@neil - Please assist.

(Daniela) #4

I do not think this is the same problem described in the topic that I have linked to you.

This seems to me to be intentional and not a bug since you are talking about a very specific time period (24h), but I am not sure because I generally use “suspend” (for a period of time) instead of “blocking” (indefinitely) if necessary.

In my experience it is always better to give explanations in public than through PM.
If the user does not understand or continue with his behavior, the first suspension (3 days) is triggered, then the second (1 month) and finally the third (forever).
When it is reasonably possible, we do not remove the suspended user’s topic or messages, they remain as a warning to other users.
In this way, in the last 4 years on Discourse I have suspended (forever) only 2 users.


Yes, that is fine.

But my concern is regarding this:
Why are the threads from past 24 hours (of a blocked user) getting unlisted?
Why are his posts from past 24 hours going hidden? (stating the community flagged it - when actually no one really flagged it - rather - the admin blocked the user manually from admin panel).

Above things - doesn’t make sense to me. And I think this really needs to be fixed.


(Neil Lalonde) #6

More info please. New user? Trust Level 0?

That means that he was flagged enough times for the post to be hidden. Your community has said something important about this (new?) user.

New user who has been flagged by community and blocked by admin is having their posts and topics automatically hidden. Those are the 3 strikes that we’re looking for.

No, and I don’t think we need one.

…because it sounds like everyone including you has decided that this is not a desirable member of your community. So I think a suspension or the current block behaviour is correct.



Thanks for your response. Here I’m going to answer your questions.

None of the users posts were flagged by the community. When a post is flagged, I get to see the flagged posts in the admin panel.
This happens for users of any TL levels.

What I’d like to get fixed is this:

  1. When we block a user - please don’t hide their posts from past 24 hours.
  2. Also - please don’t add a comment near hidden posts stating “the community flagged the users posts”
  3. Please don’t unlist the threads started by this user in past 24 hours.

ALSO - after I did an un-block:

  1. I had to manually go to each post of the user and then click on unhide
  2. I had to list the threads started by the user too.