Blocking/suspending users, and changing author for New User Guidance message


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Sorry for tirade of daft questions.
A few quick ones here:

  1. I can’t block users, only suspend them (there isn’t a “block” button or option, only suspend).
  2. I’ve tried suspending a user, but they don’t get a message (you’ve been suspended), and when they try to click the forum link, they just get an error message. they have a “1” on their name badge but clicking it doesn’t make anything happen.
    Can I fix that so they will get a message (You’ve been suspend from the forum due to XYZ), or alternatively make it so that when they try and click the forum they get a “you are denied access/suspended/whatever from this forum”?

Also, number three:
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The person who sends out the New User Guidance PM is one of our programmers (because he was the one who set up the initial forum). However, I don’t want it to come from him- but me (for various reasons). How can I change that setting? I looked here on Meta and couldn’t find anything (other than above thread) and can’t find in the forum the place to change it.

Thanks again in advance.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Open the administration panel, click Settings, search for site contact username. You can enter any valid username there :smiley:


@fefrei cheers, you’re a :star: :smile: