Blocking user from replying to my post or my posts

Might seem like a crazy idea, but a user of our community just asked us about this, and I thought it was worth discussion.

We are constantly bombarded with complaints about trolling / harassment.

What if there was a feature (or plugin) that allowed users to have more control over the topics they create. And if they see someone replying inappropriately to their thread, they have the control to block the user from the thread (or perhaps all their threads).

Too crazy? Too DB intensive? or perhaps an iteration of the idea could make sense?

Discourse has a great number of features for flagging posts, but I think there could be opportunities on flagging users and the implications that flagging a User could have on their ability to participate in the community. ex: if we see a particular user is blocked by X other users, then we can take more serious action against this user.

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There has been some discussion of an enhanced topic/time/category user mute that could feed back into flags. I have on my todo list to create a feature topic about it for discussion.


Awesome @codinghorror. Glad to know it’s in the realm of possibility.

I’d expect user action is more likely when users can see the direct impact it has on their own personal experience (ex. Hiding a user from their facebook feed). If we can then harness that information to improve the user experience for the entire community, and even warn users about heir negative behavior, that should really help with auto-regulation of the community.

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Has there been any action/progress on this feature request?

It’s a hotly debated topic:

In short, we’re not very interested in such a feature and there’s not much more to discuss. Your best bet would be to commission a plugin through #marketplace.


The final upshot is that we’d welcome it into core if someone submits a PR. We’re not against the idea, we just won’t invest our own time into building it.


The above two posts aren’t quite right. I am open to doing it but it’s a fair bit of work to do it right, because as I said above:

If you read that sentence very very closely, you can see where the work is, I hope :wink:

I also have many requests for such feature. Some users don’t want their “enemies” to post anything in their topics. Ignoring not always works because you just don’t see what user writes e.g. about you…

Ignore is present and has been implemented as of Discourse 2.3. It requires trust level 2.


That’s not currently possible. It would require topic-level permissions, which is not going to be something easy to accomplish.

Right. You can ignore them, but you can’t keep them from posting.

What happened to this thread ? I see it linked in several places but I can’t find it anymore (a search doesn’t seem to find it either).

This doesn’t really surprise me. Funny story: I am myself in a situation on a (non discourse) forum, where another very regular user is accusing me to “troll” his posts and “harass” him. Of course, in my own opinion, it is pure nonsense, and absolutely not my intention. My view is that for some people, simply being corrected when they say something wrong (really incorrect on a technical matter, not about an opinion) is being “harassed”.

In principle, I would be strongly against this idea of letting posters forbid people they don’t like (and/or which ideas, criticism, or whatever they don’t like) to comment their posts or in their threads. If they want to mute these users, sure, their choice. But to let them silence them seems a slippery slope to me. If someone can’t accept to have their posts commented, maybe exposing themselves (or at least their ideas) on a forum isn’t for them.
[only my opinion].

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It was a topic that was originally created in 2013 and meanders quite a bit, so it was deleted. There wasn’t really anything in it that isn’t covered here: The Ignore User feature (now in 2.3.0.beta7)