Blue Box Welcome Message

(Matt) #1

Hi -
How does one make the blue box welcome message as seen here:

It doesn’t seem like it is a Banner Pinned Topic as there is no X-out close option.

Thank you!

Google Webmaster Tools warns of "mobile usability issues" due to images in topics?
(Michael Downey) #2

It might be the emergency announcement banner in site settings with lots of HTML.

(Matt) #3

Thanks. I found it. It is the “Global Notice” setting under Other.

(Kane York) #4

Nope, it’s a “Banner Topic”. Create a topic with the content you want, then go to the topic admin wrench and select “Banner”.

Actually, this isn’t a banner topic - there is no “Dismiss” button on the upper-right. But you probably want a banner topic, because this will always be there for every visitor.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Yeah I wouldn’t recommend this. Use a banner topic, that’s what it is for. Perhaps this notice predates banner topics?

(Matt) #6

I actually like the fact that there is no X-out button and that you can enter HTML.

Is this possible in a banner topic?

(Kane York) #7

You can use all the HTML that you can use in a post.

This includes things like <div align=center><p> which aren't that useful in normal posts.

If you really need extra styling, one workaround would be to do this: [Text text text](#red) and style links in the banner display pointing to #red to be red.

Or you could use CSS to float the first image to the right.

Open in new tab:

(Raj Kumar) #8

Hi Matt,

That was really helpful, thank you.

I want to display a message as Do’s and Don’ts to all the users. I want to provide a link(which has do’s and don’ts in it). Is there a way this can be achieved. Please help me out here…

Thanks in Advance.