Body is too similar to what you recently posted error when user tries to post to different categories

We are getting this error when a user tries to post the same message across multiple categories.

Is it possible to disable the check? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Why is it necessary to post the same exact duplicate content in multiple categories? Can you elaborate?

One of the user is trying to gather volunteers for a program and tried to post the same message across multiple categories.
We have different users subscribed to different categories so to get a better reach the user has to post the message across multiple categories.

Wouldn’t a single topic that was Bannered / Global Pinned / Pinned be more appropriate?

We use emails for all communications, so when a user posts in a category an email goes out to all the users who are watching that category.
None of our users use the discussion forum to access the topics. Everything is through email.

I’m confused. If not through the forum UI how is there the “similar to” modal?

And I’m not understanding your unconventional use case. It sounds like using the wrong tool for the job.

eg. I can use a screwdriver to chisel, puncture, or pry, but if things go badly it’s not the screwdriver’s fault.

If you are not using Discourse as a forum but only as an email app, would it not be better to use an email app?

Anyway, if no one is visiting the forum, maybe having a single category could bang Discourse into how you want to use it?

Fyi, even if you use the UI the issue still persists.

You cant post the same body text under two categories. From my understanding it is done that way to stop spam.

If you want to reply to two different posts with the same response, it wont work.

I think that this was their point: “If your user is creating the post through email, how are they getting that error message?”

You are correct that this limit is to prevent spam. It also prevents parts of what are really the same conversation being fragmented across several topics.

“Categories” are not designed for what your are issuing them for. Perhaps use a single, main category, and then create a tag for each category that you are currently using. Your users can then watch one, or several, tags. A person who needs to reach several of your a sub-communities can make one post, and add the tags for each community they need to reach.

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I meant that I thought the “similar to” happened only with the composer UI. I don’t see how an educational modal would happen in an email client.

Anyway, yes, there are anti-spam features that AFAIK, are primarily (only?) for trust level 0 New members. What you are describing - the “similar to” modal - is “educational” and technically not exactly the same as anti-spam.

Posting the exact same thing in more than one category is what I would consider to be “cross posting”.

I would say that most, if not all, cross posting that was allowed to continue that I have seen did not go well. Members could attempt to keep up with the multiple topics if they knew they existed, and short of that would be confused at surprise “version changes”, spend time and effort posting redundant replies that may or may not have been dismissed. etc. i.e. One members cross posting inflicted confusion and annoyance on other forum members.

The “similar to” educational message is displayed in the hope that the member will continue the discussion in an existing topic instead of cross posting.

While creating topics using email, the api throws this error.

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In our case the users are above trust level 0, unfortunately we cant use a top level category for all the users.

There will be use cases where you want to post something across multiple categories to get wider reach.

I do understand that this might result in spam, but our forum is highly moderated and open to members only.

I was wondering if it is possible to allow cross posting as a feature, so that we can enable/disable it on the admin.