Bootstrapping failing with tests-passed

(Dave Higgins) #1

I just spun up a new DO droplet, followed the 30 min install instructions, and the bootstrapping step failed. So I changed to using “latest-release” version in app.yml. This produced a working Discourse.
Then changing to back to tests-passed in app.yml, the subsequent ./launcher rebuild app failed:

I’ve rebuilt with latest-release successfully again now. Is tests-passed broken?

(Dave Higgins) #2

On latest-release, which I just installed from scratch using the 30 min install on DigtialOcean, I see

OK, click that,

Alright, upgrading:

Something is up?

(Felix Freiberger) #3

There is no latest-release branch, which is why the update is failing. You probably got master instead.

(I have no idea why bootstrapping failed, though.)

(Dave Higgins) #4

Ok that makes sense!

Except…if I was getting master, why is my Discourse out of date? Isn’t master bleeding-edge?

I’ll try again with tests-passed

(Jeff Atwood) #5

You cannot downgrade from a newer release to older. I suggest starting over from scratch and keeping that at default.

If bootstrapping failed it is likely you had an error in your app.yml, next time scroll up and read for the actual error.