Breadcrumbs Or Navigation On Topic Pages?

(Judd Cobler) #1

Hi everyone,

Surely this is built in to Discourse and we’ve toggled it off or something… but on our topic pages we lose all navigation at the top that would allow us to quickly get back to the parent category or all categories. How can we enable that?

Heres what our topic page looks like:

(David Taylor) #2

“Feedback & Suggestions” should be a link to the category. Does that not work for you?

To get back to the home page, the logo in the top left of the screen is normally the quickest way. Have you disabled that?

(cpradio) #3

I do see that the logo is definitely missing, not sure why though. Chances are it is being hidden by a bad CSS rule?

(Judd Cobler) #4

What Im really looking for is something like this: Screenshot - 3322434ceee2d7e986fcbd7e0f9266a6 - Gyazo

I think, since the category is linked already and the all categories page is a static link I can pull this off with JS/CSS