Breadcrumbs with dropdowns

(Maestro Magnifico) #1

One thing I don’t like about Discourse now that it doesn’t have breadcrumbs. Let’s say I read a topic in “feature” category. How can I go back? I press “feature” on top, list drops down and then I have to eyeball “feature” cagegory and press it. It’s 2 clicks and one eyeballing. It’s should be just one click, like this:

Why does the categories drop-down use a ►symbol instead of ▼?
How to select a lot of topics fast?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Press the back button on your device or browser? That’s one click / tap.

(Maestro Magnifico) #3

That’s too much work to reach back button on browser, it’s too far away. -___-
Especially if you use 27" 16:9 monitor. I’m not even joking, you get tired to reach there all the time.

(Jens Maier) #4

Laptop-users with touchpads can easily move their hands to type Alt+. Devices with touchscreens almost always support simple navigation gestures.

(Maestro Magnifico) #5

Some mouses don’t have 5 buttons. :troll:

(Nukeador) #7

Yeah, this is something that have always confused me, it looks like a breadcumbs but it doesn’t work like one.

Especially when being in a sub-category I expect a quick way to go to parent category, righ now you have to discover that you have to click on the subcategory name, get a dropdown and click on all.