Brew bundle is dead

(Theron Boerner) #1

The brew bundle command has been removed Discourse should either switch to a shell script or Brewdler

(Mike McQuaid) #2

For anyone following this thread: this is the new official replacement to brew bundle now: GitHub - Homebrew/homebrew-bundle: Bundler for non-Ruby dependencies from Homebrew

(Felix Niklas) #3

It’s great that there is a osx setup script – thanks for that!
I also had to deal with the deprecated brew bundle today:

$ script/osx_dev 
Error: Unknown command: bundle

I fixed scripts/osx_dev:31 like this:

echo "Installing development dependencies from Brewfile..."
# Install brews
# ensure that Homebrew's sources are up to date
brew update
# add this repo to Homebrew's sources
brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew install $(cat Brewfile|grep -v "#")

and changed the Brewfile to this:

# Install development dependencies on Mac OS X using Homebrew (

# install the gcc compiler required for ruby

# you probably already have git installed; ensure that it is the latest version

# install the PostgreSQL database

# install the Redis datastore

# install headless Javascript testing library