Bring Back Permanent Pins

Recently, I noticed that you have to give a date for pinned topics.

This is a rather odd setting, because there are some pins that are meant to be forever. Things like category bulletins and the like.

There’s a workaround by setting a date to the very far future (9999-12-31), but I’d rather just be able to hit a button and forget about it.

Was there a reason for this over the “pinned until someone unpins it” setup? Can we get that back?

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This is definitely 100% intentional, we want to add friction to the “pin forever” mentality because it results in

  • too many pinned topics over time which is harmful for new users as they have a page of “important” junk to read through and scroll down past every time they arrive
  • If everything is :exclamation: important then nothing is important, which pinned topic really matters? A “boy who cries wolf” ignore effect sets in for all future pins.

We’ve observed it in many Discourse communities over time. This is not an idle concern, it’s based on data.


I wonder though, we should probably allow permanent pins while there are less than say 3 global pins, it’s annoying to have to pick a date for “Welcome to my site”, so it’s totally legitimate to have 1 global pin.


Regardless, people should be thinking “when does this pin expire, when should I refresh it” from day zero. And every Discourse install already has one globally pinned “forever” topic pre-built…

Could we pin them for a certain number of views?

I have a couple of welcome topics / how to log in etc. Everybody should see them once or twice. Once you’ve seen them a few times, they’re not useful anymore. But most folks don’t know how to unpin them.


I really like that approach – but I’d make a small change: Waiting for e.g. 2 views might not make sense. If you’ve read the topic once, there might be no need to ever look into it again.

I’d like two options instead:

  • Pin until first post was read: For topics that everybody should read at least once.
  • Pin for TL0 only: For stuff like community guidelines, a warm Welcome!, and so on.

OK, but I’ve accidentally unpinned my one globally pinned “forever” topic that came with the forum (the new user greeting). Is it possible to make that one topic forever pinned again somehow?


I’ve noticed – by impersonating various users – that they don’t know how to dismiss our Welcome topic. I’ve made the X a nice shade of black to make it stand out more, without much difference. I’d :heart: to make the permanent Welcome pin disappear after a user clicks through once.


Any idea how to restore the global pinned post?

As a user?
Go to the topic that was globally pinned and click the pin/unpin icon on the left of the topic title.

As an admin?
Click on the wrench at the bottom (or right) of the topic. Click on Pin Topic and choose as long as you want the topic to be pinned.