Broken cursor location within input fields on signup form for iOS

When someone tries signing up on my website on their phone (iPhone 7 on Safari), the cursor appears in very off placements/locations when tapping on an input field (username, email) and typing text.
I tried to get a recording of the bug but I’m not able to, apologies.

Can you repro it here, or is this another case of your custom CSS causing you problems specific to your site?

Unless you can repro it here, with respect, please stop posting these kinds of topics as they are not our responsibility.

Yes, I can repro it on Meta.

I can’t.

I have no repro on iPhone using the signup form here on meta. When I tap fields on the signup form, the cursor is where you’d expect it to be (inside the fields that were tapped).

Maybe you can provide a screenshot of what you’re talking about?

Try typing text and you’ll definitely see it break - this for sure occurs on the iPhone 7 on Safari.

No, sorry, still absolutely no repro on my iPhone at all when doing “create account” here on meta. Every field has the cursor directly in it when tapped, and typing moves the cursor with the text as you’d expect.

Moving this to support.

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I have seen this exact issue on very old versions of iOS. What version are you running?

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