Broken homepage in Chrome

(Emin) #1

This is how it looks on Chrome 33, Macbook Air on latest OS X

(Emin) #2

it is actually the same in FF, I hope it is not a feature )

(Luke Larris) #3

Can’t reproduce this on my end in both the latest versions of Chrome and FF. Try disabling any extensions.

(Emin) #4

It works now, but I see that header height has been changed from 300px to 400px, which has fixed the issue. Either someone did it just now or I had an old version of style.css in my cache (though I haven’t been here for a very long time and it is quite unlikely especially in 2 browsers)

(Kris) #5

Yep, a brief hiccup when I switched fonts from Raleway to Open Sans - all is well now! It was fixed earlier today, but it may still be hanging around in cache for some folks

(Robin Ward) #6