Browser Push Notification Intervals

How does Discourse handle the push notifications sent to browsers? i.e. the site I am on pushes an alert to Chrome whenever another user tags me in a post.

I ask because it seems they get sent in sporadic, odd time intervals. Sometimes the notifications will pop up instantly, but other times they’ll pop up hours later long after I’ve read a post. It doesn’t seem like there’s a consistent interval they’re showing up at.

My understanding of how Chrome handles these is that it shows a notification as soon as an alert is received, so that leads me to assume this is possibly a Discourse quirk rather than my browser?

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Are you taking about native mobile push notifications? Using Chrome in Android?

We send notifications ASAP, so when it delays the website may be under heavy load and can’t deliver those in time.

The instance admin should upgrade to latest and check the app health.

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